New Windows 10 threat revealed by Google

While the technology giants are at each other’s throats when it comes to selling hardware and services, the companies have a common enemy in security threats. So, quite often, one company will discover an issue in another’s software. Late in October, Google gave notice to Microsoft of a threat lurking within win32k.sys (, a common element within all Windows operating systems.

Google says the issue is being actively exploited by hackers, which is why it went one step further and publicly warned about the issue a few days later. Microsoft, in return, say that the latest Windows 10 Anniversary updates fixes the problem, but millions of Windows users don’t have Windows 10, or update their systems as regularly as they should. Those users will have to wait until November the 8th and Microsoft’s monthly patch Tuesday, and hope a fix arrives before any hacker makes use of this exploit, which can let a criminal break out of a protected sandbox mode and give them greater access and control of a PC, potentially accessing business data or using the PC for their own ends.

This issue highlights the need for companies to fix their systems before an exploit can be used, and that there’s still no common way for the technology industry to deal with such threats without resorting to name-calling. Microsoft’s stock response accused Google of putting its customers at risk. Naturally some users are pleased to know about the issue, while some see Google encouraging other hackers to use the exploit before it can be fixed.

As a business PC user, would you rather know about a problem as early as possible (giving you the option of upgrading, if you could)? With growing security threats to all users, and the Internet of Things affecting business and creating huge security risks, most companies don’t have the resources to track these issues, bug reports and security updates.

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