New Touch Bar MacBook Pro outsells all other notebooks

They say innovation is dead when it comes to PCs and notebooks. All most of us get is a slightly faster processor every couple of years during the office upgrade, and not enough graphical grunt to play the games we want during those sneaky lunch breaks, no matter what the marketing brochure says.

Apple has just proved all that wrong with the new MacBook Pro featuring TouchID on the power button and the Touch Bar across the top offering a LED strip with application-specific features, menu options and controls. While the strip may not be Apple’s idea, the implementation seems nigh-on perfect and can help improve productivity, expose new features and make notebooks a slightly simpler beast to use.

In just a couple of week’s worth of sales, the new MacBook Pro has topped total sales of Microsoft’s competitor the Surface Book, which has been out for a year. The new model has also produced seven times the revenue of the previous 12-inch MacBook, which has been on sale since the spring. It has also left sales of rivals like ASUS, Lenovo and Dell trailing far behind.

This sort of pace in sales means Apple looks like dominating all the profits in the notebook market, as it does in the smartphone market. In both, Apple has only a small share of the market, but its huge profit margins and supply chain dominance sees the Californian company dominate. Since a MacBook can just as easily run Windows 7 or Windows 10 alongside the new MacOS (formerly Mac OS-X) there’s little reason, other than cost – the new model retails for £1,749 for the base model – for an office not to consider them.

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