Windows 10 free upgrade ends July 29, major update arrives August

Is your business ready to take the plunge with Windows 10? The free upgrade offer expires for non-enterprise users at the end of July, and the major new update to celebrate the first anniversary is due days later on the 2nd August. That first big update is when most businesses will choose to upgrade their systems, although the daily drip of Windows 10 updates over the course of the last year has made that less of an issue.

The new OS has attracted some 350 million upgraders who have felt the benefit. Indeed, most are delighted with the major improvement over Windows 8, changes to apps and the user interface. It is fair to say that Windows 10 has had a great launch experience with surprisingly few problems.

Now that the successful first year is over, there is more to look forward to. Windows 10 in infinitely more secure than Windows XP, if you still use that OS, it is more friendly for cloud apps and services, and the new update will add a host of extra features.

The “Redstone update” will add more features across desktops, notebooks, tablets and mobile devices, including touchscreen note taking, while voice assistant Cortana is more interactive, and can remember more of your details to speed up transactions. She can also take commands when a device is locked, so less effort is required. There will also be a fresh batch of security updates to help keep Internet threats at bay, and improvements to Internet Explorer and around the Start Menu and desktop for a better user experience.

If your business is thinking of taking the plunge with a Windows 10 upgrade ahead of the deadline, then get in touch to see how we can help make sure a smooth upgrade, with backups in place, and disaster recovery to make sure your data and systems protected for the future. If you want to upgrade your office PCs, we can give advice on the ideal systems to buy that meet your office requirements, and offer managed computer services to keep them up to date and safe.