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Case Studies

Auto dealer dumps old systems and boosts business while slashing cost

Murdock Hyundai, an automotive dealer with 130 employees, had unreliable email and phone systems, an ineffective website and IT support vendors, and compatibility issues that hindered business.  Murdock linked resolution of these issues to increased sales.  To do this, they partnered with a technology services provider to develop a multifaceted solution that included PC management, collaboration and productivity tools, and an updated phone system.  Consequently, Murdock Hyundai saw decreased costs, increased revenues and improved customer satisfaction.

Case Study – Office 365

Datto SIRIS Intelligent Business Continuity for Offshore Marine Services

To cut time spent on outdated Tape Backup and make sure the business can to continue to operate following a disaster including hardware failure and a total loss at the primary site.  To meet these goals while reducing total cost of ownership of current solution, both in monetary terms and man-hours spent.

Case Studies September 17, 2013

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