How to support a mobile workforce

It is well known that the best way to engage an employee is to allow more control over where and when they work. This change in employer mentality has resulted in a vast increase in full-time employees working from home.

So how do businesses support a mobile workforce? And where do you start?

Knowing your business teams

Outdated or legacy business software no longer supports today’s mobile employees. Business units now work with an agile mentality and this will only increase when the next generation of young talent enters the workforce.

Therefore, businesses must understand how people are working today and into the future. By knowing the working habits of a team, businesses can incorporate the correct BYOD strategy or cloud computing and implement it to enable the business to develop.

Will BYOD work for you?

BYOD, or bring your own device, allows employees to use their own device for work purposes. You’d think this would be an outdated discussion point by now, but it continues to play its part in many organisations.

Employees often prefer BYOD over a corporate alternative. It allows them to use a device they are comfortable with, as well as benefiting the business by reducing the costs involved in issuing employees with a work device.

The biggest issue is that many businesses are not seeing the benefits of BYOD. Therefore a business must have a clear understanding of BYOD and what is required to make it work, such as cloud computing software.

Start with a trial

A business must not roll out a mobility strategy in one big hit. The best advice is to always start small.

Focus on one pain point or business unit and use the experience as a trial. This will not only prevent an organisation from risking a whole business on a new piece of technology, but it will also allow a company to learn as it develops and make sure any productivity gains are quickly established when the system is rolled out further.

By taking this advice into account, a business can support the modern employee, allowing the organisation to meet their needs and increase business efficiency.