Office 365 adds new features for business users – Microsoft Planner

Office 365 continues to evolve with updates and new features in regular supply for both mobile and desktop users.

Recent additions include the Microsoft Planner app for iOS and Android users. Planner is available for most Office 365 subscriptions and helps organise your teams and their working hours, targets or deadlines, and makes setting up meetings easier and so on. The new companion app helps Planner users to check and change their plans wherever they are. One feature not in the launch version of the app is push notifications, but they will be coming soon to provide live updates when meetings change and so on.

Another recent update is Immersive Reader, which is now available in web-based Outlook and OneNote for Windows 10. Immersive Reader improves accessibility and readability of documents and emails. It provides a Read Aloud mode for those with sight problems and Text Spacing for people who have trouble reading standard document templates. For people who have trouble reading, it also offers a mode called Syllables, which adds breaks between the syllables of words to help people recognise and pronounce them better. With not everyone being a fluent English reader or having difficulties with text on screens, this could be very valuable.

The most recent update for Office 365 better supports the Microsoft Pen that comes with the company’s Surface Pro convertible devices. With better handwriting recognition and support for tilting the pen, people can get more expressive with their writing on-screen. There’s also an improved Whiteboard app for collaboration efforts and meetings with people able to use their own pen on their own screen to add your voice to a diagram or statistics.

These updates continue to show the value of Office 365, which comes with a regular flow of updates, patches and improvements to help boost business and user efficiency and to create new ways of working together. Get in touch to find out how Office 365 can help improve how your company works, while bringing information to mobile devices and other screens to improve productivity with the added security of the cloud.