Microsoft Surface Pro 3 taken off the market in UK

Microsoft is undergoing a significant refresh of its Surface Pro products, with the Pro 3 – a tablet that offers all the power of a laptop – now unavailable for buy from the Microsoft UK store online. The reasoning behind this is that the tech giant is busy working on developing the next version of its Surface Pro hybrid personal computer.

There can be no denying the complete success of Microsoft’s Surface Pro product range, giving businesses the flexibility and portability they need to stay connected and productive from the office or on the move.

However, sales figures of the Surface Pro 3 have reportedly fallen off a cliff in recent months, forcing the Microsoft to phase the tablet out and devote time to developing its next model – the Surface Pro 5.

Industry reports show that the Pro 5 will feature new and improved hardware, as well as a screen capable of operating to a 4K Ultra HD resolution. In addition, some experts claim Microsoft is planning to enable the new Pro 5 to connect directly to mobile devices, solving the issue of a lack of tethering and mobile hotspot capability which has been a real bone of contention for many users.

In terms of other possible connectivity features, the Surface Pro 5 could well catch up to Apple’s latest MacBook Pro and HP’s Spectre by including the most advanced USB interface, USB-C. The ultra-thin nature of today’s tablets means that there is less space for traditional USB ports. However, connectors still need necessary vertical clearance to reach the motherboard internally. The USB-C port has been developed to solve this issue and it looks very similar to a micro-USB connector.

However, Microsoft is still likely to include a USB 3.0 port too, to meet its own essential system requirements for Windows 10 VR functionality.