Four ways tech advancements have changed business

Compared to ten years ago, technology advancements have taken a whole new turn in both businesses, IT, and almost all aspects of life. While technology has come with its disadvantages in IT enhanced security, it has also brought about an equal share of troubles when hackers strike. For starters, due to the advancements in technology, hackers have now become more organised in their activities and many ransomware groups have cost businesses huge amounts of money to recover data.

However, major IT organisations have come up with ways to counter the effects of hackers by developing cloud storage and cloud computing, among many other cloud activities. The cloud allows businesses and IT firms to do their day-to-day activities in a safe and secure environment which assure not only data security but also increases convenience. Here are some of the impacts of technological advancements in various areas.

Improved field operations

For many sales reps and field engineers, the type of work involved needs a lot of collection and recording of information. Microsoft has come up with solutions like Microsoft office 365 that increases speed and productivity in the field, especially for sales agents working in the mortgage industry and business’ marketing teams.

Enhanced data security

One milestone technology has focused on is to enhance data security. With the IT department being a sensitive area in companies, many developers have come up with ways to secure data. Some of the solutions for enhancing data security involve advanced email and spam filtering to curb the use of spam emails by hackers to gain access to organisations’ systems. Also, managed WatchGuard firewalls have come to give organisations solid top-class network security to make sure the network runs safely out of sight of the eyes of the hackers.

Improved information sharing

Technology forms the backbone of modern-day information sharing by allowing fast sharing with fewer resources. Hosted servers make it possible for organisations to transfer information from one area to another securely. These providers offer data storage mainly in the cloud and offer their customers data recovery plans to make sure breached data gets recovered. Also, many firms offering managed IT services offer e-learning and various forms of training aimed towards fully transforming organisations and integrating them with the latest technological efficiencies.

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