The Cloud is no longer new, trendy or scary

Many businesses are put off from moving their data, services or having their teams work in the Cloud. To some bosses, it is still a new, unsafe or complex area of business. The truth now is that businesses have migrated to the Cloud, as we know it, for almost a decade. Products like Microsoft’s Office 365 are five years old, and Cloud storage and productivity services have racked up billions of satisfied user hours.

Yes, every time a major Cloud service suffers an outage, there is an inordinate amount of press coverage and angst on social media. However, these events are no worse than your company’s own server suffering a failure, the local broadband going down or a PC suffering a blown hard drive or RAM chip.

The reality of the Cloud is that it now offers a low-cost, reliable, easily accessible, redundant back-up, scalable and secure service for millions of companies and billions of workers. As long as some basic precautions are taken when it comes to information security, local backups and user training, the Cloud is no more risky than a cluster of PCs in an office linked to a network.

From moving your email to a hosted solution, working on documents with collaborators far and wide, or moving servers and app processing systems to the Cloud, we can provide safe and secure migrations for any business, proving the cost benefits along the way and helping make sure your users are trained to ensure safe and reliable business operations, whatever is happening online.

The key trait of the Cloud is that it frees smaller businesses and workers from worrying about their IT services, and getting on with running the company, winning sales and orders, or developing your future services and products. That value alone is helping drive booming start-up culture and innovations around the world. Even for traditional companies with the least technical of products, the Cloud can improve the basics like human resources, payroll, document management, invoicing and project management.

Get in touch and see how we can help your business benefit from the Cloud, a collection of amazing services that no company should be afraid of.