Can Microsoft Azure help your business grow?

Moving from your current set up to a cloud-based solution such as the one provided by Microsoft Azure can seem like a daunting prospect, but many businesses report that they have noticed a number of operational advantages within a mere few days or weeks. Here we’ve outlined some of the key ways transferring to Microsoft Azure can not only help your business but also encourage growth…

Less downtime

The whole purpose of a cloud-based system is that it works for users who need to get things done quickly. With Microsoft Azure, collaboration becomes easier and there is less downtime. Perfect if you have a number of time-sensitive projects that need a collaborative effort. Additionally, the storage provided by Microsoft Cloud is extremely secure, so you can divert workers away from IT and place your focus on growing the business.


Microsoft Azure is fully backed up by Microsoft’s increasing number of data centres. These centres are managed and global, spreading across nineteen regions. There’s also 99.95% availability as well as tech support twenty-four hours a day and continuous health monitoring. Whilst your current data setup might be good, it’s hardly likely to offer the same reliability that Azure can offer.

Full integration

If your business is reliant on tools such as Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook, it makes sense to invest in a cloud platform that is going to fully integrate with other Microsoft products. Simply sharing ideas via Azure or updating documents and making them available in the cloud will save your business precious time and improve its functionality.

Added security

Security is paramount to not only protecting your current assets but allowing your business to grow. If, for example, you run a business that retains customer data, your customers are going to want to be sure that their details are safe. Hacks and leaks could end up costing your business existing and new customers, so you’re going to want to make sure all your data is as secure as possible. Microsoft Azure gives you enterprise-level security, which is almost certainly more than you will now have in your office. Azure will encrypt communications, block any unauthorised traffic and give you full control over all of your data.

Ultimately you have to consider what would happen if there was a break-in, a fire or if something just went wrong with your computers. Would your data be secure? Microsoft Azure can make sure that it is.