The benefits of cloud computing

Cloud computing enables you and your team to process and manage data, and store information on a remote server that is hosted by the internet. This offers your business several benefits that working on a local server or personal computer cannot. Below, we’ve listed some of the key benefits of cloud computing and why we think you should invest in a cloud-based system for your business.

Flexible working

The major advantage of investing in cloud computing is the flexibility it offers you and your workforce. Installing a cloud computing system will allow your team to work anywhere, working on documents and updating data from wherever they are in the world. This can open up new opportunities for you in terms of new geographies and potential customers. It also means you can offer your team more flexible working hours, which can be an appealing proposition, especially if people have young families or caring commitments outside of work. If your team are sharing documents or working from the same files, your cloud system will also enable them to save and upload the most recent version of their work, so everyone is working from the same page.

Disaster recovery

A common reason that businesses invest in cloud-based computing is as part of their contingency and backup planning for their business. Storing data on an online cloud-based system gives you peace of mind that your work will be safe should any disasters happen within your office space. Ensuring your files are safely secured on an external remote server is one of the safest ways to build a contingency plan so that, should the unthinkable happen, you know your business will be able to continue to operate. Losing hardware, like computers, laptops and hard drives, is a hugely stressful and expensive situation to deal with, but potentially losing the work on those laptops too could cost you the operation of your business.

If you feel ready to install cloud-based software but want more information about the many benefits that it can provide for you and your business, contact us today.