Imagine – you have a highly pressured job, you’re the partner in charge of IT and just as you’re about to print off urgent legal papers your IT system crashes.

How do you explain this to the Judge?

Your responsibility to clients to meet deadlines and present evidence means a huge amount of faith is placed in your IT support system. In fact, such is the importance of administration to the practice that they can lose a case if their IT network is down.

Offering solutions which cater for small and growing practices, we know exactly what it takes to support solicitors and law firms.

We understand solicitor’s specific needs for reliability and confidentiality. We understand the issues surrounding seamless integration across diverse locations, the imperative to maintain current hardware and software configurations, reliable backups and business continuity.

Do you need –

  • To be able to dictate seamlessly from any location
  • To ensure the system is always available and always remains behind the scenes
  • That a practice does not only work 9:00am – 5:00pm and requires support as and when needed on an immediate basis – whether early or late
  • The requirement to access case management and time recording systems from any location
  • A focus on value of services provided rather than retainers for support

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Outsourced IT Services for Solicitors May 20, 2013